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Thank you very much! (: Rise of the Guardians is a really nice movie. I took my cousin to go see Trolls and enjoyed it too. Haha. (: I haven't seen The Force Awakens or Rogue One, but I plan on it. I enjoyed American Sniper, but I have not seen the other two. Thank … Read more
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Thank you so much for this! I have not seen Cloud Atlas yet, but it's on my watch list and I look forward to watching it soon! I enjoyed Doctor Strange, Arrival, and La La Land. La La Land is actually my personal favorite right now, I watched it with a friend. (: I haven't … Read more
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My favorite movie is Cloud Atlas and it has been for the past four years. However, not everyone seems to enjoy its multilayered story so you may or may not like it. But if you're into science fiction with a mix of mystery, historical fiction, and a bit of comedy all wrapped into a complex … Read more

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Check out movies like American Sniper, Lone Survivor, and 13 Hours. These are military movies created from the true events as told by the soldiers who experienced the events while on their missions.

Of course, always check out the newest of Starwars like The Force Awakens and Rogue One.

For a lighter and animated touch, check out … Read more