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You really think a deceptive higher power such as the "god" I believe you are referencing to is going to want equality? He not only flooded the earth, he also kicked out one of his angles for having pride and created the concept of "sins" and the split between heaven and hell, not to mention … Read more

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Dear Annabelle Porter,

If you would kindly permit me, I would like to suggest that your question contains an assumption that is flawed...and the inaccurate assumption is, that better lives better looks and more money somehow correlate with happiness.

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"God" doesn't come into the equation.  It depends on how lucky you were in selecting your parents. You'll not only inherit their DNA you'll inherit their social standing and, indeed, the society you were born into.

About 80 years ago a very clever man named Ogden Nash put it this way:

I'm an ordinary figure in … Read more