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Do you sleep with one or two pillows?


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I use two, but only one at a time. One is very thin and I use it when I sleep on my stomach. I have a thicker and firmer one that I use when I sleep on my side. I also have a memory foam pillow with the cool gel on one side. I HATE that thing! When I did use it i woke up with the worse headaches. My dog uses it now.

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Skip Gentry answered

2 pillows.

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I sleep on 3 pillows and one over my head to block out every bit of light. 

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Interesting question.... My husband teases me saying I use so many pillows I prop them up like I am creating a big fluffy arm chair. He is right. As it stands right now I have a body pillow, a back rest pillow, 2 very flat flimsy old pillows (which I love), a thin pillow and a home made pillow behind my back and head. To my left side I have 2 throw pillows, two old couch pillows, and two regular pillows under my arm. My right side has 2 or 3 under my arm. I am looking at three at my feet just in case I need and lol one ended up being used as my blanket tonight!

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Four. I lie on one, and just stack the rest around me to feel cozy. I then hug one while sleeping.

(Once I woke up, and there were several blood droplets on two of my pillows. I didn't have anywhere on my body that was bleeding, so it was incredibly creepy, lol.)

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Hehe I do not use pillowsūüėÜūüėā but I use one for hug

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I use two pillows now, but I prefer just one huge pillow. One of my pillows has the habit of escaping at night and I find it somewhere else in the morning. When I'm on the sofa I use three small pillows, they are perfect for watching TV.

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Megan! I definitely need two pillows for a good sleep! It is just for comfort
reasons, I cannot provide more details about this, it is what it is! I actually
have three of them on my bed, but the softer ones are my favourites. They just
have to be around!

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The older I get the more pillows I use. I'm up to four now, all firm. Having some health issues I need to be sleeping on an incline. I tried using a wedge but that was too steep, 

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PJ Stein
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My dad just made some "jacks" for his bed. He placed wood blocks that cradle the feet on the headboard to raise that end of the bed about 3-4 inches. My stepmother has acid reflux and it has helped her immensely.
Ancient One
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That is something I might try. Thank you Gator.
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Two pillows and a rolled up towel.

One special pillow for my head,

one between by knees for my back,

and a roll under my arm for my back.

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I use two, but I have 5 in total on my bed. But the third pillow I hug it. Then the rest I put them in the corner. (This is weird, but while I'm sleeping I throw pillows, and when I wake up. One of them are on the floor. Lol)

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Two pillows, one king size for my head, and a small throw pillow between my thighs or keep my knees from knocking together.. It is a long story!

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