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Do you have any live plants in your home?

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PJ Stein answered

I have at least 6 right now. In the winter I will pull in a lot more. 

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Toni Pauze answered

They die inside.:(

No problem with outside plants.

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I got a green thumb and index finger.💕 love plants.

I must have about 18 plants around the house. Just recently lost a Prayer plant that I had for about 15 years. Loved that plant. It folded it's leaves up at night hence the name sake.

A huge one not sure of its name but it almost touches the cathedral ceiling. It was given to me. Left in the back of a truck at 30 below. I dragged it in thinking I would thaw the dirt and keep the pot. In three days, it resprouted. My tropical miracle plant.

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PJ Stein
PJ Stein commented
I brought all the plants in before Irma. My husband didn't think to put them out after the storm. I put them out after I got back. They spent week in the house with no water or a/c and most of the time no light. My poinsettia lost almost half its leaves, but after water and sun started to make a very nice come back. My hibiscus I thought for sure was a goner. All the leaves are dead. I went to empty the pot two days ago so I could get it ready to plant something else. It was then I noticed lots of green buds coming out. I was so happy!
Firstname Refreshme lastname
Awe nice. More miracle plants....
YoWanna  Cook
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These are sweet stories!
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Ancient Hippy answered

I have a Willow Leaf Ficus bonsai tree that I have been pruning and training for 8 years. It's about 12 inches tall. It's the only plant that I have inside.

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YoWanna Cook answered

I do good with Aloe Vera plants. But my guy is outside. His name is Spike. My first one I had indoors for many many years. Her name was Gay and she had babies. I gave one of Gay's babies to my Sister and it grew for her as well.

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I do have a few houseplants. I have one that I bought at the beginning of college and it went with me wherever I moved to. I still have it; it's much bigger now. I'm going to keep it as long as it lasts.

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