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Does this happen to you guys to? Is this normal? (Please read details...)


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So the Yin and Yang family finally threw in the towel. After back to back to back to back car problems and repairs, we finally decided a monthly car payment would be cheaper then the car repairs we were paying the last 3 months. BUT now that we have a newer vehicle, it seems like everyone is out to hit it! Is this normal? Does this happen to normal people? Or is this in my crazy head?

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Yay a new car!!!!!!

Yes as soon as I drove off the lot with my new car I felt like I was playing dodge ball.  It’s normal!!!

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I think your worry is heightened by the new car. Damage was less of a concern with the old car. It’s natural to want to keep something new nice and clean.

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I think it might be a combination of learning your new car's boundaries and that it is a new car and worth more that have you a bit hypersensitive to those around you. But then again, there are a lot of people who have no business behind the wheel of a car.

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Nah ... It's the universe's way of "breaking in" anything new.

Why, last month I got a new windshield ... And before I got home, it already had 2 rock chips in it.  LOL

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LOL! FUNNY you should say that... a vehicle passing from the opposite side of the road kicked up a rock and chipped our new windshield. Thank u dearly my friend.
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Hello YoWanna:)

I want give you this special message. I'm happy for you that the Lord

Blessed you and your husband with new car.  This was true Blessing

I hope things go good with this new car and if you ever need to talk

I'm here to listen and i always lend a listening ear . I think we all get

them jitters when we get new vehicles  or something new the first

thing we worry about is it going to break down or is something going

to go bad with it . I pray that this car lasts you a lifetime and i want to

thank you for being so kind to me and i want thank you for being my

friend i highly appreciate very much .  Many Blessings :) Darren

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We bought a new car in 2017.  I kidded my wife that we should start walking to the grocery store because she parked so far away from other cars in the parking lot it would be about the same distance.

While we are still careful about where we park, we are no longer paranoid about damage.

I think it's normal to be that way.

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It's not just you I have one of those cars ( a dent magnet ), total I have spent over $500 having little dents pulled out of my Mustang, if I have to go to the grocery store I park as far away as I can from the rest of the pack. And congratulations on your new car. :)

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