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Alright everyone has a fear a phobia. What are you afraid of? your phobia?


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Mine is the same that Darren said, and also driving over bridges and riding in elevators. I have a lot of phobias.  ☹️

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Arkoudaphobia. I can’t help it.

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Don Barzini
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We don’t have bears on the Gulf Coast. The gators would’ve eaten them long ago.
Tom  Jackson
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I found these 2 sites interesting. I knew there were bears "in Florida," but nothing more.

Black bears in Texas are on the endangered list. (Just looked it up.)
Don Barzini
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Darn cowboys. Heheh ;)
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Sometimes I hate spiders, other times I don't. I also hate tight spaces. This might sound crazy but I hate dark rooms with mirrors in them

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I used to be scared of insects and needles.
I got over it.
If I fear anything it should be..
God I guess?

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Ray  Dart
Ray Dart commented
Don't worry, god doesn't exist - now go on and enjoy life without fear of retribution from an invented superbeing (every culture has them). AND if god does exist, he is all-forgiving anyway - what do you have to lose?
RIK SUS commented
Not exactly what I meant by fear of god.
But thank you for the input.
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I don't have any phobias, and I do have a healthy respect of heights. I also don't care for snakes in houses, or spiders or palmetto bugs. I can deal with them if I have to, but I much rather have someone else do it.

And for those of you who don't know what a palmetto bug is, think of a very large roach that can fly.

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Anesthesia... I don't like the idea of a machine keeping me alive so add in surgeries, hospitals, doctors, germs, needles, death. I'm gonna go hide under my bed now! 😫😷🤒🤕😨

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I've had a fear of spiders for as long as I can remember; I also have some degree of claustrophobia, though it has more to do with low ceilings than cramped spaces in general (I would not want to go into a crawlspace under a house, for example).

I also have some things that unnerve me, like the sound of a very loud motorcycle going by or the loud booming bass coming from a car driving past at night.

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Once, I was a rock climber, I loved being in high places (preferably well belayed on to the surface of a step climb). Now, I have to keep well away from the edges of cliffs, and driving on mountain roads (if I am not kept away from the danger with a lot of Armco) is an absolute nightmare. I may well visit a hypnotist to try to rationalise the "healthy awareness of danger/irrational fear".... Not sure when I got so windy about cliffs....

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