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I just lost my father will this grief ever go away?


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I have outlived most of my family, and I still miss all of them terribly.  Each time one of them passed away, I felt like the tears would never end.  The good news is that I can now smile and laugh at the sweet memories we made over the years.  I know you will smile again too ... Many blessings to you.

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Oh Meagan, I am so truly sorry. I can't imagine your pain. The short answer to your question is no. It won't go away. But with time you will find a way to live with it and it won't be first and foremost in your thoughts. And it will take time. But if it gets too much, talk to your family and friends, or talk to your guidance counselor at work. They can get you in touch with a grief counselor. 

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Tom Jackson answered

The deep sorrow (grief) that is caused by the loss of one's father frequently takes a long time to heal.

But "grieving" is a process that we humans use to deal with the grief we are feeling, and that grieving process can help the pain to lessen over time.

There are five widely recognized stages of the grieving process---anger, denial, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

You may find yourself moving back and forth among those stages at any time and in any order.

Here is a good website to learn more about the recognized stages.

(And you might try to join a local grief support group.)

(I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.)

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No, but it will get easier eventually as you begin to learn a new normal. I am so sorry for your loss my friend, and your mom's loss. 😔 We are all here for you. We all lost a loved one before and understand your pain.

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Megan , You have my Deepest Sympathy on your Loss , May you find Comfort through this time of sorrow 🙏😇👼

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