John Richter
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I've been building Mustangs since about 1978, first the 60's and 70's models, then Fox bodies...never cared for the 4th gen cars (94-04) but I came back into the fold with the '05 and later 5th gen cars, which ran until 2014. I have owned a couple of dozen Mustangs over the last 40 … Read more
Darik Majoren
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Was it stored?

If this car was previously stored or garaged for a long time, sometimes to keep mice from crawling up into the engine, or into the car itself, you can use brillo pads made of metal . . . They can chew through it to get to the other side. Another thing you might … Read more

Echo Jones
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Heck yeah you should buy a Ford Mustang, this is my 2007 GT V8, I bought that puppy brand new and I only have about 63000 miles on it, I'm 0 to 60 in about 4.5 seconds, I installed a MagnaFlow muffler system so that puppy Rumbles.

Rowan Webb
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I have been thinking about the answer for that crossword for the longest time! And you'd think that after years of experience in the car finance and automotive industry, I would know better! In any case, if you're looking for the answer on how a car works, I suggest that you get onto YouTube and … Read more

Don Barzini
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To carry my gear. To house my car stereo. To go further than walking distance without tiring. To get there today. Because so many jobs are dependent on cars. Because riding the bus sucks. Because I can't get there by boat. Because flying carpets are a myth. Because teleportation isn't a thing, yet. 

I hope that … Read more

Rowan Webb
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There are certain cars which are specifically built to be better tuned to particular types of fuel. That's why some cars are specifically called diesel cars. I mean if you're going to buy a car that's a hybrid, you're going to have to learn how to manage the balance of the 2 different energy sources. … Read more

Cameron Robertson
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It is interesting to learn of new things every single day. I have only seen 2 stacks of cars being transported but on land, on the road, perhaps from a storage facility to a dealership. However, I have never thought of how they might be stacked when on ships. I guess it is the same … Read more