Moses Leonard
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Euthanasia Is the act of shortening the time span of an ill dying person through medications through an agreed consent either by the patient or their relatives. Mostly perceived as an ethical but at some point, it weighs some cons especially to those patients in agony and the doctor sees no … Read more

Tom  Jackson
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You are of course asking whether this punishment would be appropriate in the circumstances you mention.

As a punishment, I'm not sure; but as a solution to whether he might ever commit that crime a 3rd time---it would certainly work.

In doing a little research before posting an answer, I came across the following with regard to … Read more

Darik Majoren
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I heard Sam Harris talk about a Serial Killer and his pattern of Killing.

It went similar to this - If we found a tumor on a man's brain, that was the obvious problem and reason why he was killing, would we not remove it? So, once this man has the Tumor removed and his … Read more

Walt O'Reagun
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The problem with that, is the same problem as the death penalty.

How do you make someone you punished ... Who is later proven to be innocent ... "whole" again? 

At least if you jail someone who is innocent, you can release them.
But if you kill or maim them, you can't take that back.

Yin And Yang
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Though I believe they should lose their member, it wouldn't do any good. R@pe is about power. The perpetrator would just gain power by using other things. Then you run into the problem of the r@pist being a female. How would you castrate her? I think if they r@pe a second time... Put them in … Read more

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There are numerous approaches to decrease your phone bill for Jail calling, from searching for another telecoms provider who is putting forth cheap inmate calls to evaluating your phone use. You could even begin taking a gander at elective correspondence choices such email, instant messages or making jail phone calls over the … Read more

Call me Z
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Trump is not the only individual encompassed in the investigation. If laws were broken, the case can (theoretically) continue until all parties involved would be facing justice. 

As President, Trump cannot be tried in civilian courts. 

Politics in the US is such that it is doubtful anyone will face jail time. Certainly Trump will not. Few rich … Read more

Dumb Goat
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For those spammers that make a ton of bots to advertise, they should be given a hefty fine. Sounds bland, but considering that they are trying to spam as a desperate attempt for free advertising, that makes them greedy, which a fine would be a good punishment.

For those who spam to troll, they should … Read more