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I was just wondering because some people were talking in class about this one guy having a crush (pOssibly on me bc there wasn’t like not-so-subtle pointing etc) and the guy said “not anymore”, while his friend didn’t believe this, i was just thinking about it because even once I officially “get out” of having … Read more

Walt O'Reagun
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Rule of Thumb:  Anytime someone says they don't know if they are "right" for you ... Agree, and end the relationship.

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Changing your Google account/Gmail secret word on an iPhone or iPad may appear like a straightforward errand however once you have to do it, you may experience difficulty finding the alternative to change your watchword.

In all actuality, changing your secret word from an iPhone or iPad isn't that difficult yet it takes some burrowing. … Read more

Yin And Yang
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Of course it is. Just because he has a penis doesn't automatically make him a sex crazed horn dog! You can easily be all he ever wants and needs. I understand your concern but please give him the benefit of the doubt first before you start thinking that way.