PJ Stein
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I like any holiday that involves family getting together. Least favorite is Valentine's Day. I think it is ridiculous to have a day to remind people to tell they one they love that they love them. I would much rather get a cheap bouquet from the grocery store any other day, just because my husband … Read more

ly fen chen
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Thailand is a better place for passing the vacations there, as everything is cheap, with meal and accommodation. Further more, the change is low as well. I have been there for several times, and I bought somethings for the memory.

chapman rees
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Hey are looking for tour packages for Morocco then luxurious morocco will be the right choice for you. As last year I went Morocco through Luxurious morocco packages and I must tell you that they provide the finest tour packages with excellent chauffeur services. They cover almost all the places of the morocco in their … Read more