Darik Majoren
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If you cannot communicate the actual act and understand what that act entails, you are either too young to be trying it or talking about it, or too dumb (I'm sorry . . . Naïve) to be doing it at all . . . Lets not multiply your genetic matter please . . .

YoWanna  Cook
YoWanna Cook answered Anonymous' question

There is so much deception in this question! Either you are being deceptive to you best friend (girl gossip) or your being deceptive to your current Beau and your trying to either sound more grown up then what you are (yes I've had s3x) OR sound less skanky (no I have never been with anyone. … Read more

Tom  Jackson
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.....it's easy for critics and skeptics to argue that the Bible has nothing to say about pre-marital sex. That's because they're usually looking for negative statements. They want a "condemnation" or a "thou shalt not." But the Bible expresses its perspective primarily in positive terms.

And I've also heard it expressed that we should be moreRead more

star gazing
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This was posted in 2013, so he’s 16 now and I hope he didn’t go through with it.


You probably feel that your boyfriend really loves you, and maybe you really love him. And you might also feel like, seeing everything on TV and in romance stories, that sex is the official seal of a … Read more

PJ Stein
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Well...of course you are scared and you should be. Your bf should even be more afraid. Him getting caught having sex with you can get him arrested and ending up on a sexual predator list. You are entirely too young to be making such a decision. Not to mention the risks.  There are STDs. If … Read more

carlos Striker
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You're virgin? You are a virgin. Raising has no relevance and more so being a man has nothing to do with sex. If your girlfriend doesn't want to go with you is fine. Sooner or later somebody else will. But you don't have to keep advertising you are a virgin.

Don Barzini
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Based on your long history of lovelorn questions, and the obvious social naïveté that spawned them, it is clear a) that your friend is right about you; and, b) why you are still a virgin.

We can only guess what you are like in person, but as Tom suggests, the low assessment of your maturity … Read more