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Three of my favorite brands of tea are Stash, HT and Yogi. I prefer the Cranberry from HT the most. My recommendation for tea is to put 1 tbls of Apple Cider Vinegar (for health benefits), and 1-2 tbls of all natural raw honey (for sweetness). This is how I prepare my trea. Of course, … Read more

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Depression is different for everybody.

Personally for me, depression was an emptiness. I couldn't be too sad or angry because there was barely anything there.

I stopped eating because it was just too much of a task to do so. I shut myself out from people and enveloped myself further in darkness. I cut my … Read more

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My birthday is 6 days after Christmas. My first crush (of many years) gave me a sweatshirt on Christmas then told me he just wanted to be friends on my birthday.... MY 16th BIRTHDAY! Lol! It's okay though cuz the following September I met my Yang officially. 😊