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If you're looking to host a large event of any size please make sure to have some type of basic crowd control in place, could save you some costly liability problems and such.

Queue Solutions has some pretty good low key options, such as the red carpet ropes and posts you see … Read more

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We are innovative and professional Event Organisers in Chennai. Offering wide range of Parties, events in chennai. Our company manages best events like, event organising with creativity and quality service in chennai. We offering professional and personalised in chennai. We are largest community of event organisers in chennai. … Read more

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personally i don't think its THAT rude. Its not a huge invasion of privacy, you're just noting on it. And if it made him look uncomfortable or provoked a comment, then you can just apologise, move on and not do it again. But if you guys are friends, you're close, it's fine. Not even a … Read more

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YES ... It IS rude to touch anybody without their permission. 
Friend or not.

Just because you think you are friends, does not mean THEY think so ... Let alone that friendship gives you the right to touch them.  Some people are uncomfortable with others touching them, no matter whether they are friends or not.

The polite … Read more

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Wow! Just WOW!

Maybe it has nothing to do with your friends ignoring you rather they now see your true colors! Go enjoy your 15 minutes of fame with the celebrities you are now... And watch you end up alone. SMH!

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LOL!!!!! Your delusions of grandeur are too funny!!!!! I hate to break the news to you but you're not a celebrity you're a Dazed and Confused blurtit member.... HEHEHE 😂😂😂😂