The Z.
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I think what we see is a widening of the gap between the "haves" and "have nots". I can assure you there are plenty of extremely intelligent people out there, but they are, admittedly, in the minority. But this has always been the case.

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Molly Bowen
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Enzymes are the proteins which catalyze reactions in living cells and they have evolved to cope with specific tasks in biosynthetic or metabolic reactions. One of the biggest advantage of using enzyme in organic synthesis is the good selectivity. There is a page on enzyme synthesis covers a part of the applications … Read more

Dumb Goat
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They're structured differently than us. They are more durable than us, as in they don't have to go about searching for food, getting stabbed won't kill them, etc, they don't have heart attacks, they don't have as complex systems therefore they don't have the same diseases or requirements to keep things up. They're different organisms … Read more

Jatinder Singh
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Creatine is a naturally occurring molecule in the body located primarily in skeletal muscle tissue. Although most of the creatine found in the body is contained in skeletal muscles, it must first be metabolized by the liver and then transported to the skeletal muscles where it can be used.

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Gokula krishnan
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Insects carry the pollen grains of male anther of a flower to the female reproductive organ of a plant thereby fertilization occurs in which seeds are produced , therefore these seeds which when fall on ground it grows as plant , thus pollination by insects are called Entamophily .

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