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Ask was the first q and a site I ever joined. I loved if there, and met some nice people. Most of them are here now. The only thing I miss now is that it seemed like every 2 minutes, there was a new question to answer. Questions are not asked that often here.

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Miss the people---yes, some.

Never used the mobile app.

Some of the questions---oh no!

Good sized community membership---more questions, broader range.

I'm not sure I would even consider re-joining if they became available again---but I suppose I would check it out out of curiosity..

So, on balance, I don't miss it.

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There was a broader spectrum of people to debate . . . So I miss that.

This one has a much better way of posting media content. I like to SHARE information via TED Talks, or NPR, and this format allows for that sort of presentation.

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not really the people were great but that site was heavily moderated, you had to think hard about the question you were about to ask this site gives you far more freedom

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I do miss Ask since it was the first Q&A site that I joined. There were some things I didn't like - the favoritism, for one thing. There have been ups and down with this site; hopefully those are past us now.

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I used to really like Ask, but after I became comfortable here I'm much happier. Almost all of my favorites from Ask made it here. I don't miss the favoritism of Ask, the daily trolling by a few certain members who were allowed to. I don't miss being reprimand d daily for calling people out.

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I liked ASK a lot .  It was the first site I ever joined. Met some very nice people most moved here but we lost some. I was one of the ones that held on to the very last minute. I didn't like the "Time Outs". 

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I missed Ask a lot when it first closed down but I feel just a comfortable on Blurtit now. Most of my friends made it here but there are a few who didn't.

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I wasn't on there very long before it crashed, but I did like the app. Because of the app I was one of the people who was clinging on for the site's last breath. That is also when I met two very nice ladies. Most of the other people I met there are also on … Read more

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I don't live in America but I cannot understand why so many people feel this way about America. How can you hate a Country? The country does not give examples of all the people who live in America Things change over the centuries but at one time America was the promised land to most people, … Read more