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There's one on how inaccurate headlines can be, and people actually believing it. The worse part is that most people don't read anything other than the headline and goes "Hah! Told you so!"

Breitbart headline reads:

Graham: ‘You’re Not A Republican And You’re Not A Patriot’ If You’re Celebrating Trump Victory.”

When Graham actually said

If you’re cheering Russia, … Read more

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I went to a restaurant specialising in venison and, around the walls, they had the heads of deer looking down on the customers. Bad mistake. There was this big stag looking down at me with mournful eyes and when my meal was served he said, "You're not going to eat that are you?" And with … Read more

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Step 1 is accepting yourself.

Step 2 is forgiving yourself.

Step 3 is improving yourself.

The next one is a little cheesy. But I highly suggest reading this book www.amazon.com/dp/B01N1F24U7/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encodin