Why do you come to Blurtit? I come to have fun, talk, learn and give encouragement πŸ˜›


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I came on tonight for you to find my future husband Jan !!! I mostly come for the entertainment and the awesome people on this site .Also the only thing on television tonight is the bachelor and  nobody has  time for that garbage :p

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Skip  Gentry
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I just finished watching The Bachelor.
HappyTo BeHereTo
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Cool! Another TV/Blurtit viewer/typer! πŸ–₯/πŸ“±
Jann Nikka
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I came to pass the time, but made some friends and found some really good and caring people who provide intelligent answers and suggestions.  This site is a lot better than the last one I was on!  I hope I've been able to help with an answer or two!

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Ancient Hippy answered

I come here to visit and interact with my friends.

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Yes!  Friendship, fun, conversation... 

But I also really like delving into research.  It's so interesting to learn new things.  Plus, I learn from reading great answers that sound, "Greek to me!"  We have a variety of members who cover so many areas of expertise.

Helping students who need pointing in the right direction is fulfilling.  I also like helping them find deeper comprehension.

This site has it all!  😊

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Sapphire's Edge answered

I'm not on too often but I like to ask hypothetical fun questions, such as my last question, and see what people say. It's like an abstract way to get to know people almost. This site is fun, entertaining, and helpful!

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Cindy Lou answered

I like the people here.. They are good people.  It also forces me to interact because sometimes I will kind of hide out within myself  and I know that's not a good thing.

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Levi F. answered

To shove my correct opinions down people's throats >:(

Just kidding. I come here to engage with other people on topics that interest me, sharing opinions, thoughts, and experiences. I learn from other people and if someone can learn from me, then I've done my job. Not that I couldn't do this same thing in person, but it just doesn't happen as often. Besides, I'm naturally introverted and shy and it's easier for me to communicate online than it is in person.

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I come here to hunt the poster named Anonymous, they are a nefarious poster that, left unchecked, will infect the universe... Actually I come here because I like answering questions that so many people get wrong and keeping Rooster in line :P

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Ally Gh answered

I see lots of potential here on Blurtit. I have found lots of friends from different parts of the world and I enjoy their company. I think we can change the world here on Blurtit. We can start a campaigne or something to change the make the world a better place

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Didge Doo answered

Initially I came here to continue the friendships I made on Ask. And look at what happened: I made even more friendships. It's nice to share ideas with you all. :)

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Ray Dart answered

I'm here mainly to inflict my grumpy persona on innocent bystanders.

If I manage to raise a laugh from time to time it's only to throw my true character into sharp relief.

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Darik Majoren answered

I come on to have fun as well. I enjoy communicating with other individuals and seeing different lines of thought.

I always love to learn and I learn many things here. The greatest thing we have is our brains. We SHOULD be seeking out wisdom and knowledge to challenge ourselves and keep us sharp and informed.

I do love to encourage people. The biggest thing I want to encourage people to do, is to seek knowledge. Even in places that may not be comfortable to them, but beneficial to them.

I like having a voice and sharing my personal perspectives. The thing about perspectives, is that in a community such as this, they are like the many facets of a diamond . . . All attached to the same thing (Life) yet each reflecting the light of truth as it pertains to them.

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Be on blurtit

Be off blurtit

The choice is simple! I like that the community is enjoyable and that you can get good answers and information in the same place. And even a chat feature! It is designed to keep the community afloat in my opinion.  Unlike other sites you might compare this to.

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