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What do you consider the biggest waste of time in your life?


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Worrying about what might  happen. An honestly it isn't me doing it. It is people who do and waste my time telling me how I should be better prepared for the worst, or why I shouldn't do things because something could go wrong. UGH! 

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There's emergency preparation, like having water and dried/canned foods stored somewhere. Then there's doomsday preppers... who seriously have way too much free time both mentally and physically.
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I live in Florida. I keep water and canned goods along with a hand operated can opener year round, so when a hurricane is approaching I am not one of those people rushing out to empty shelves. I also usually keep two propane tanks so I can use my grill. I am low right now because I have been grilling a lot lately.

What bugs me the most is I shouldn't be driving by myself. I have been driving alone all over Florida since I was 18, and later from Texas back to Florida. I can't count how many times I have driven between Kansas and Florida, or up and down the eastern seaboard. I maintain my vehicles and have roadside assistance. I always take food and water with me and I stash extra cash and a spare credit card and a second ID separate from my purse so if i do get robbed I am not stranded. And I can change a tire. I don't know how people live in their safe little bubbles. That is not living to me.
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I totally agree with that Gator.
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Worrying.  It's completely useless and destructive, and I remind myself of that fact every time it creeps up on me.

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My attempts at cooking! Lol!

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That stuff never worked for me, and it squandered a lot of good sleep to put on hard shoes and sit in hard pews half awake to hear dry old virgins bloviate about what I'm supposed to think.  

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Tom  Jackson
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I will admit that does sound rather unattractive. I'm still laughing.
Don Barzini
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I'm glad you caught the levity I intended, Tom. A kid's perspective, after all these years.
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@ The Z

Yeah, I was a kid too. Now that I'm 71 and still haven't been successful in living up to the standards I was taught as a Christian child, I do wonder what the Church was thinking when it required me to be "perfect" as (especially) a teenager.

Fortunately, I was able to intervene successfully in the lives of my Children such that they are practicing Catholics with an sense of perspective and judgment..

Like any good "morality" (what we should be based on what we are)---atheist or Christian---it should facilitate growth, not impede it.
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Religion, government, military, and money.

None of these where ever needed on this place.

In the future they are all gone.

No more war, no more disease, travel at

the speed of thought. Freedom rings true.

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When people stand in line, or wait in a line respecting a first come first served bases, notoriously British we take our turn to be served.
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I live 60 km / 40 m from the Sydey CBD. For 30 years I travelled that far to work, mostly 6 days a week. I lost more than 3 hours every day just travelling by train. Gave me lots of reading time but it was a hell of a waste.

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