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What is legal that you think should be illegal?


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Ally Gh answered

Porn! I believe it demolishes the image of women in society. I think it should be illegal because it ruins family values and it is a disrespect to both men and women, especially women

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Call me Z answered

Dick Cheney walking free. The loathsome villian should be slamming his tin cup against the bars for attention.

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Janis Haskell answered

In many states, it's perfectly legal to take pictures up a woman's skirt without her knowledge or consent.  I don't get it .... And I'm afraid it would force me to break the law myself.  :(

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Darik Majoren
Darik Majoren commented
Remind me NOT to wear a Kilt in that State! . . . LOL
Dumb Goat
Dumb Goat commented
Wouldn't that be considered sexual harassment? Ah, I live elsewhere, so I'm not too familiar with such laws.
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Ray Dart answered

Cat ownership.

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Didge Doo answered


I still prefer hamburgers that don't taste like cardboard.

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Didge Doo
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Best hamburger I ever had was at All Saints winery by the Murray River. It was done perfectly and there was a piper playing in the battlement of a tower attached to the winery. Bagpipes sound great in the open countryside. That was about 1975 and I've never had a better burger.
Yin And Yang
Yin And Yang commented
We have a five guys out here! Lol!
I never ate there.
HelpStop AnimalAbuse
We don't eat a lot of fast food but here in in Australia 🇦🇺 the burgers 🍔 at Hungry Jacks are A LOT better than Mc Donald's.
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Killing someone with your car. The penalties for this are ridiculously low in most cases. I'm not talking about intentionally running someone over. I'm talking about driving while distracted, DUI, driving the wrong way, etc. Sometimes all the person gets is probation.

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Danae Hitch
Danae Hitch commented
Tom, I agree with your law professor. Nothing is perfect. It does leave room for change, should the public demand a more stringent punishment.
HelpStop AnimalAbuse
It's not a justice system it's a legal system.
Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented
@HelpStop AnimalAbuse

And what is the purpose of a legal system if not to facilitate the administration of justice?
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Lynda Appell answered

Internet trolls who threaten people with violence.  Hurtful comments are one thing but threatening people is going way too far.  This type of trolling should be illegal as should cyberbullying too.

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