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Do you have a strong local accent?


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I bet Echooos says "Pahk the cah in Hahvahd Yahd".

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I'm from northern Florida and I do speak with a bit of a southern accent. It's not very strong, but it's there.

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Oh yeah I do.  Very southern with all the strange words.

True story- Had to go to Chicago for work, there were 5 of us.  People on the streets would stop us to hear us talk. Very strange northern folks!:)

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Do Californians have an accent?

I don't think I do but GOOD question!!!!

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I do. I ordered a coffee at an airport in South Carolina one time and the lady that served me the coffee asked if I was from Pennsylvania because of my accent. I chuckled because I thought SHE had the accent.

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Not where I come from? We are supposed to speak english with no accent with clear diction and enunciation.

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I currently have what you would consider a "typical" English accent.

I tend to absorb the local accent wherever I live. I passed for a local when I was living in Northern Ireland. This never happened when I was living in So Cal, however.

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When I was a child my parents both insisted I speak proper English without any accent what-so-ever. I can obsorb and mimic an accent which has proved useful over the years. How ever, every once-in-a-while, if I am upset or anxious  you can hear a slight tell tale accent. I would say bathroom and it sounded like "bat-room".  Or when I said thirty third and third streets, it would sound like "turdy-turd and turd. Clue, I used to work at the House Ruth built.

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Lol! The first time my husband went out cross country for his first truck driving job his truck broke down for about 4 days (plus the day he had to pick up or deliver) well this was back before cell phones so it was not unusual for me not to hear from him for days at a time. He ended up calling me and he had picked up a southern accent. The funny thing is, is the more he talked the more he sounded like a stranger so when I told him I loved him or I will see him soon my mind was like "STOP IT! You are cheating on your husband with this southern talking sweet man!" Lol!
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Great antidote.
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It depends on the word. I was born in upstate NY so some words come out with a NY accent. I spent most of my life in FL and with the mixture of transplants FL only has a mild southern accent. However in my teens and early 20s I hung around a bunch of people from TN and KY so a strong accent will pop out every now and again. And it becomes real southern when I drink. I guess my accent has a multiple personality disorder.

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I don't think so - California born and raised.  But someone said I had a "drawl" when I was visiting Canada.  I guess whatever speech style you're not accustomed to sounds like an "accent".  :)

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