Otis Campbell

Its national ants on a log day. National chocolate milkshake day. National report medicare fraud day. So is this your day??😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

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Skip Gentry answered

I'll take a chocolate milkshake any day. The rest, not so much.

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Mountain Man answered

I ll take the chocolate milkshake.

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Ancient One answered

Chocolate milkshake I'm on board.

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YoWanna Cook answered

I love ants on a log!!! You take celery (log), cut it in three's, put peanut butter in the middle, place a line of raisins (ants) down the center, then sprinkle with cinnamon... Delicious! I want some now!!!

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YoWanna  Cook
YoWanna Cook commented
Tiger!!!! Good morning my good friend! ☺
I see you are doing okay from the hurricane. 😊 Yah!!!!
Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented
It makes perfect sense that you would have a special affinity for a dish that does not require that you approach a stove.
YoWanna  Cook
YoWanna Cook commented
Exactly!!! Plus i couldn't really screw up couldn't mess up putting peanut butter on a piece of celery! Lol! (Although I have been known to burn water..... on more then one occasion! 😅😅)
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PJ Stein answered

I would normally jump on that milkshake, but I am just too cold right now. This FL girl needs to go home.

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YoWanna  Cook
YoWanna Cook commented
I wish it was cooler.... We are having 87 degrees today in Cali so I guess technically it's cooler. Maybe they mistaken global warming and it's global cooling now! 😄
PJ Stein
PJ Stein commented
It was 53 and rainy last night and went up to 63 today and still damp. I know to may of you that isn't really cold but I left +90 degree weather. When I first got here it was in the low 70s during the day and around 60 at night and a lot less damp. It was wonderful.
YoWanna  Cook
YoWanna Cook commented
That is understandable my friend. 😊
It's time to bring a little bit of home back to you. ☺
I hope you get your warm weather back.
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Toni Pauze answered

I'll take the ants on log!

My husband will race all of you for the milkshake.

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YoWanna  Cook
YoWanna Cook commented
Skip.... read my answer. I love them to Tiger! Yang showed us the cinnamon sprinkle. It really makes a flavor pop with the other flavors. ☺
Yum I'm gonna have to go to the store if the celery went bad. 😆
Skip  Gentry
Skip Gentry commented
Thanks Yin!!!!!!!! :)
YoWanna  Cook
YoWanna Cook commented
No problem my friend!! ☺
They are yummy!
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Janis Haskell answered

I'll definitely go for the milkshake, and the ants are okay as long as they stay on their log.

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YoWanna  Cook
YoWanna Cook commented
Too cute! I have to agree. I just spent all morning cleaning nooks and crannies in the room cuz a bunch of ants decided they like Jr's hot dog! HOT DOG! I didn't know they would go for that! I can not find where they are coming in from. It's driving me bonkers! I wish they would go back to their log! 😃
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Tom Jackson answered

I thought national ants on a log day sounded familiar, but I had to look it up.  I enjoy all 3 items but not together.

You won't find this in the bible, but the tree actually had chocolate milkshakes hanging from it.  (All of a sudden I have great insight into why Even and Adam fell.)

I was able to carry BC/BS group insurance into retirement.  I only have Medicare A, so that is a problem I am unlikely to have to deal with.

Hey, Otis---how the humidity down there?

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