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What is your experience of going to a concert?


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Yin And Yang answered

I have never been to one.

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Willie B. good answered

I don't think I've been to a crappy one yet. :)

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PJ Stein
PJ Stein commented
I have. Thankfully it was free. I saw Eddy Money in Daytona when MTV was there. He was so trashed he was stumbling and slurring. He almost fell off the stage a couple of times.
Willie B. good
Willie B. good commented
I saw Alice Cooper at Mohegan Sun Casino and some jerk through chewing gum in my hair, it wasn't any fun getting that out of my hair but the concert was awesome. :)
Call me Z Profile
Call me Z answered

Love live music. Don’t like first-time concert goers who scream like idiots. 

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Yin And Yang
Yin And Yang commented
I will remember this my friend when I go for the first time. I would have assumed the idiot screaming was a given! 😅😅😅 I am thankful for this educated heads up. 🤗
Call me Z
Call me Z commented
Enjoy the experience, but don’t ruin someone else’s doing so. You won’t believe how much better music is and sounds when played live.
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Janis Haskell answered

My concert experiences have been extensive and great so far.  (Going to see Elton John tomorrow night .... Hope my luck continues.)

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PJ Stein
PJ Stein commented
I am going to see him in March. We were supposed to see him in November, but he canceled due to an ear infection.
Janis Haskell
Janis Haskell commented
Great PJ .... I guess you and I are catching his last tour (but that's always subject to change.) :)
Toni Pauze
Toni Pauze commented
I saw him a couple of years ago. The very best ever!!
Firstname Refreshme lastname Profile

When working in the music industry, I got perks.

Back stage passes and meet &greets....best one was Celine Dion. She's so nice and chatty.

PJ Stein Profile
PJ Stein answered

Most of them have been a great experience.  I have been to a lot over my lifetime. And I  am still going. I will see Elton John in March and Garth Brooks in April. Last year I saw Jimmy Buffett open for the Eagles. That was a weird crowd. Jimmy Buffett is more about a relaxed lifestyle and the Eagles have an incredible amount of talent with perfect harmony. Add in the different styles and the average age of the concert goers it was a strange mix of people.

LiftedTruck Redneck Profile

I haven’t been to a bad one. To name a few, last year alone I saw Upchurch, Jon Langston, Brooks n Dunn, Blake Shelton, Dustin Lynch, Brantley Gilbert, Luke Combs, Jason Aldean, and a lot more. Tomorrow night I’m going to see Muscadine Bloodline and Gunnar and the Grizzley Boys. Concerts are super fun, especially if it’s someone you know and really like.

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