Firstname Refreshme lastname's tick season again. I hate those vile bugs. What do you use for protection?


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I use OFF! Deep Woods when I go for a walk. The dogs take a NexGard chewable the first of every month. They also had their Lyme's vaccination from the vet. They are good until next year. And of course they and myself always get looked over real good before going in the house. They are very cooperative.

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I actually found a tick twice on the dogs over winter when there was no snow on the ground. Ticks are worse now than I ever remember.
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Thank you for your response. They are getting worse here in Canada too.
~ Do you ever wonder why there isn't a once a month chewable for humans ? ~
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Yes I have wondered why there isn't something more for humans.
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We don't have a huge problem in our area.  But, like Mountain Man, I use "Off" when necessary for myself and monthly "NexGard" for my dog.

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I also use Off for myself, and NexGard for my dog. They are bad here every year, and my house backs to woods. I always check my dog for them. Sometimes those little pests get on her fur, and I’ll get them off before they have a chance to dig in.

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I think I will stick to California now! Lol! I saw a tick on my ex step dad's dog 23 years ago. It was the nastiest thing I ever saw (at the time.) I only saw one one other time. My 4 year old and I were walking to the school to pick up her older sister. She brushed past a bush and a tick fell in her arm pit crevice. (Summer weather sun dress straps). She said she felt something bite her and I went into mama mode. Plucked it off of her and threw it down stomping the hell out of it! I brought the body home to ask my parents if they knew what bug it was. They said it was a tick. NASTY! Sorry my friend. I'm not for hire. Better stick to OFF and NexGuard! Lol! 😉

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I found an engorged one near my kitchen trash can. Thought it was a grape but this vile army green thing had moving too short to get anywhere fast legs. Ugh. I guess it fed well on the dog.
I put it into a prescip jar. Was going to bring it in for testing. Forgot about it. Fast forward 3 weeks later and she was still alive. No air, no food, and no water.
She had begun to cast of a silky thread covered in what looked like pepper.
Egad....eggs, I presume.
Tested it and it wasn't a Lyme carrier.
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Oh my! They are like cockroaches! 😫😨😲 Creepy zombie critters!
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I use off on myself, and after Arabella collapsed shortly after taking Brevecto, I stopped giving my dogs chewable prevention.  Last year I used Wondercide. It is an all natural spray. This year I am trying a collar. It is also all natural and made by Lucky Pluto. It got great reviews on Amazon. We just got it this week,  so time will tell.

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I've never had one. Only seen them on tv

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Yes , i would use Off cause where i live my little third cousin was 3 years old she picked up a tic and sure enough it wasn't long she was diagnosed with Lyme's disease . Well, she recovered but was in Children's hospital for 3 days to they knew it was in fact Lyme's disease.

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Can Lyme disease cause red meat allergy?
A bite from the Lone Star tick can cause people to develop an allergy to red meat, including beef and pork. ... Although reactions to foods typically occur immediately, in the instance of allergic reactions to alpha-gal, symptoms often take several hours to develop.
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Yes that Lyme Disease is nothing to mess with . So when i go outside i want have tick spray on me just to be on the safe side. You know my little cousin eats meat like McDonald's hamburger, Chicken Nuggets never noticed no allergy in her so i wonder too about this who knows ? SO SCARY !!!

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