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Is the town or city where you live famous for anything?


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Sunshine and sunsets

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Kazoo was invented here in the 1840’s presented to the world in 1852 at the Georgia State Fair.

The home of Otis Redding and The Allman Brothers.

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My brother and I had kazoos as kids ... we loved those things!
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The Allman Brothers used to perform near me in Daytona beach as the Allman Joys. I know several people who used to go see them at the pier there.
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My little village was once the home of Frank Whittle, inventor of the jet engine. Ben Whishaw, award winning actor, (He was Q in some Bond films) grew  up here.

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I live in the submarine capital of world.

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We have "Yuma Territorial Prison." It's a museum now. Very interesting info to read on the place. They let you in the prison and there is one cell they call the "dark cell." You are told if you go in there you will probably see bats flying around your head. Dont worry, they won't follow you out." It's true! Lol! The first prisoners had to build their own cells.

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Yes our City is famous for having a Chruch called the Bethel AME Church , known to have Harriet Tubman who once help free slaves to freedom with a underground tunnel built under the Church that led them to the Monongahela River where a boat was waiting for them to go in to sail to freedom . This Church is located in Monongahela PA.

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Where I live now is known as the "Birthplace of Speed". The first timed automobile race happened on it's hard packed beach in 1903.  Many automakers had their winter homes here. And it is not Daytona.

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