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As a child, did you walk to school or ride the bus?


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Levi F. answered

My mom drove me to school until my sisters were old enough to take me. Then I drove myself.

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during my years in Saskatchewan (grades 7 thru 10) i had to ride the school bus because the village i lived in was far out of town,  but most of my school years i spent in the city, i just walked because i lived a walkable distance. From grades 1 to 6 a few blocks, grades 11 and 12 maybe 5 blocks. 

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Both. 2nd and  the first half of 3rd grade I walked. Rode the bus the rest of the time.

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As they say I walked to school and home, up-hill both ways.

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I also lived at the top of a hill.  Going down was easy.  Coming home one could cut across a large park which effectively decreased the slope of the hill to a quite manageable level.

Getting my mother to actually allow me to walk to school and home again was a major accomplishment on any given day.

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I still walk. Bearing in mind I'm from the UK so school busses are scarce but there are normal busses still that go near to my school. Walking is just easier, healthier and saves money.

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