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Do you read short books (under 50,000 words aka under 200 pages) or long books (over 50,000 words aka over 200 pages)?


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Levi F. answered

Most of the books I read are on the longer side, but I'll read a shorter book if it's interesting. I read a lot of history and those tend to be very long.

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Tom Jackson answered

Not sure why you are asking, so it's hard to decide what to say.

I don't read books per se anymore, and I read about pretty much all of the things I had major interests in by the time I was about 40.

But aside from technical stuff, reading as a hobby was never based on the length of the book, but always on the author.

For instance, Andrew Greely was a Catholic priest whose writings I came across in popular sociology (his specialty---and one of my many interests).  Subsequently, he ventured into fiction and his writings reflected his theological, philosophical, and "people" knowledge and which I found highly entertaining.  CS Lewis is another author I read extensively, as was GK Chesterton as well.

From teen years to early 20's Zane Grey, Mickey Spillane, and John MacDonald---total easily over 200 books.

So subjects and authors I like are the main focus---and length is of no importance to me unless an author becomes too verbose just to extend the number of pages.

Comment if you need any clarification.


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