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Yarn may be divided into two categories.There are weaving yarn and knitting yarn

1.weaving:Yarn of lengthwise direction should be stronger and They should have tighter twist and It is smoother

2.knitting:knitting yarns are two types 1.Hand knitting yarn 2.Machine yarn

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Two or three.  And, of course, a wind chime story.  Several years ago the Mrs and I visited Peru and Bolivia.  One the way out of Bolivia, I stopped to purchase some token gifts for my co-workers.  There were these (apparently) hand-cast little bronze wind chimes depicting what appeared to be characters from local religion/mythology.  … Read more

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There should be a lot of different places in your area to try. Fabric stores might have some. Wall mart and big box stores might have some even Walgreen and cvs might have some. There is a store in my area that has goods like that. It is called Sally's. I suggest that you take … Read more

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With any collectible vintage item, condition is everything. I've seen them sell for $100 and I've seen them sell for $1000. I know that's broad but without a picture I can't suggest a more accurate appraisal. You might try a seamstress, many people collect vintage tools of the trade, they might have a better idea. … Read more

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We often have this type of request on Blurtit, so I'm pleased to say you have several options if you need a manual for your Huskystar 215 sewing machine. 

For a start, there are downloadable PDFs of the 215's manual available at and

The Huskystar 215 must be a … Read more
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The most sensible place to start looking for a manual for your Bernina Bernette 334DS is Bernina themselves, and their homepage even has a section for out-of-date manuals at

If Bernina can't help you, plenty of other places online can: Try, where a forum user has posted a link to a downloadable … Read more