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Call your vet and workout a payment plan. Or call you local humane society or ASPCA and see if they can help you with the finances or if they have a vet that will work with you. If your dog foes not pee, it will die.

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Read this and tell me what you think---

Caffeine Poisoning

Coffee is a source of caffeine, which in large amounts can be very dangerous to dogs. How much is too much depends on many factors, such as the size of your pets and whether your dog only lapped the coffee or actually ingested coffee grounds, which contain … Read more

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Get her to a vet now! If money is an issue contact your local Humane Society or SPCA and ask if they have programs for people who have limited funds or have a list of vets that work with them at reduced rates. There is also a credit card called Care Credit that will give … Read more

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So do you go online to find a nearby emergency Veterinarian, or do you go online to a Question/Answer forum with people who have no way properly diagnosing your pet?  . . . .

By all means, keep refreshing your screen to find the remedy.

Call the Vet please. 

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Bitter apple spray is suppose to keep them from hewing on things they are not suppose to chew. Also keep a Nylabone handy. When you see him going for the rocks redirect him with the Nylabone, or maybe an antler.

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I support a shock collar but only if the dog is properly trained, and the collar gives plenty of forewarning . . .

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