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Is she an older dog? Is she hydrating herself properly? Is it too hot in your home? Dogs do not sweat like we do. They have few sweat glands, which are mostly located in their paw pads. Panting is one way for them to regulate their temperatures.

It could be a simple case of … Read more

Professor Wonderland
Professor Wonderland answered dragonfly forty-six's question

Thats very unfortunate for you, our family dog has been attacked once or twice but nothing to the extent yours has gone through. Our dog did run away one time for a week and we all thought he was dead which was diffucult.

Joyce Hall
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I m so sorry. I know how you love your dog bcuz I love my cats the same way. Your dog is your baby and a part of your heart. 

Once I remember one I was out for a walk when this dog had gotten away from his chain and came at me. He didn't bite … Read more

Yin And Yang
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I am so sorry to hear this Dragonfly. 😔

My neice when she was a baby got attacked by her uncle's dog. She had to have many stitches close her face. The doctors did a great job. The only scars left looks like she has cute dimples. Oddly when her son was around the same age, … Read more

Janis Haskell
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My heart goes out to your stepdad, Cupcake, and you.  Praying that all will be well ... And that the offenders will never have the opportunity to attack again.

Darik Majoren
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At the dog park my dog was attacked twice . . The first time I called her off defending herself . . . The second time the dog pinned he and I couldn't get there fast enough and she was bit a couple times. When I did get there I pulled her out of harms … Read more

Mountain  Man
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I'm sorry to hear this. I hope your stepfather and dog will be ok. I wish them both a speedy recovery. None of my dogs or myself have ever been attacked. When my dog Sadie and I walk out the top, I'm usually carrying a pistol in case something bad does happen. Fortunately, I've never … Read more

Skip  Gentry
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Oh my, I'm so sorry to hear this! My dog was attacked by another dog when she was a year old. We were at a campground out of town. I was taking her for a walk when a bigger dog from the camper beside us lunged at her and attacked her. She was bitten around … Read more

PJ Stein
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I am so sorry to hear this! Prayers for a speedy recovery for both.

I have never been attacked to the point of being bitten, but there was a dog that lived between my uncle's house and ours that came at me several times when I rode my bicycle past. One time I couldn't out … Read more

Toni Pauze
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Omg I'm so sorry!

I hope they both get well soon. I've never been attacked but had a friend once that was.  She had to have many stitches but got ok.

Gosh I'm sorry!

I hope the animal control people picked the dog up.