Tom  Jackson
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....printed food dates are not federally regulated and do not refer to food safety. Thus, it is usually safe to eat your "expired" food after its printed date has passed. This article helps you determine what’s in a "use by", "best before", "best by" or "sell by" date to help you break away from theRead more

Wesley Crusher
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I usually have a bad habit of not checking condiments like ketchup and mustard. Otherwise I hardly have anything that would expire before it's eaten, maybe some steaks that are on sale but those get frozen and eaten within a few months. Vegetables, you know you don't want to eat it just by looking at … Read more

HappyTo BeHereTo
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Fast, convenient, easy, good source of soluble fiber, and depending upon the product ---tasty!  Noodles are also a great choice for a side, since they can be dressed to complement practically any main dish.

(Beware of the flavor packets.  They can be loaded with sodium, MSG's, and chemicals.  There are more concerns, like glycemic index, but … Read more