Ishika Varma
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Celebrations cream Cakes!!

delicious cake is delivered right at your doorstep. So if you are on the lookout for some unique designer cakes in Hyderabad, we at Midland Bakers, assure you that your online cake order in Hyderabad will be a feast to your eyes and your taste buds.

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Debby Moor
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Colombo gradually becoming the business hub of South Asian region, has a centric importance which draws in many foreign investors. Given the background, Colombo urbanites are finding it very difficult to buy new houses within city limits. The demand has risen even more because of the schools in the city. Areas such as Kollupitiya, Bambalapitiya, … Read more

Hugo Pinkman
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I guess because there are a lot of entertaining opportunities for adults, huh. Las Vegas is also a capital of casinos, most of them are luxury and gorgeous, I would like to visit one just to satisfy my curiosity. Usually I prefer online casinos, Mr Bet Online Casino is my favorite … Read more

Moses Leonard
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Euthanasia was not much of his field. He wrote about the increase in population is necessarily limited by the means of subsistence  in which increase in subsistence automatically leads to increase population, hence high population is suppressed by the moral constraints within the ecosystems

Nealious James
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Hi there! It’s in Asia, on the North East of India and it has a border with China. The country is often devastated by earthquakes and other natural calamities and the population is hence pretty poor. However, the place is still very beautiful and you will certainly enjoy a visit there.

Wesley Crusher
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Well...uhm... San Francisco!

My first job after college was there, the first apartment I rented on my own was there, the first house I bought which I'm renting now is there, and if my current job isn't down the street from where I am now I would still be up there.

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PJ Stein
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I have a  fickle heart. I live 15 miles from where I grew up and love it the area. It is a great "home base" for me. But deep down I have a traveling heart. I am my happiest when I get to see new sights and meet new people.

Ancient One
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Unlike most folks, due to my upbringing, no physical location or geographical area can lay claim to my heart. In actuality my heart is in the same place where I hang my hat.

dragonfly forty-six
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I am blessed to live in the area I was born and raised in. I love it here. This is my heart.

However, sometimes my heart yearns to go back to those places I fell in love with. There are places on the East coast that still haunt me to this day.

Yin And Yang
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My friend, Z. This is a great question. My answer is a tad bit different so please bear with me. ☺. The younger Yin and Yang ran a muck in the town we use to live in. But life has a way of throwing you curve balls and we ended up in the town we … Read more

Call me Z
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For me, it's Ravello, Italy. My stepfather brought me there as a youth, and I have taken my own family back 3 times.

If it weren't for the peculiar politics, I'd live there now. But if certain trends continue here in the US, emigration is on the table.

Mountain  Man
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Although my heart has had a long desire to at least visit Alaska, it hasn't yet. So it remains right here with me where I've lived all my life and in the surroundings I've never cared to leave. And where property taxes are not outrageously high compared to others.