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Houseflies have a proboscis to suck food, and hence don't bite.  ( I hate the flies that bite.  )

We weren't allowed to have pets at college.  I used to catch flies, leash them with a strand of hair, and take them for walks around the dormitory.  I'd tack the leash to my bulletin board … Read more
Tom  Jackson
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I had a slightly more than passing interest in zoology when I was younger, so I don't find them repulsive per se.  But I studiously avoid yellow jackets, and those cicada killers are just plain scary.

The common name “June bug” is frowned upon, since “bug,” in its technical sense, refers to a completelyRead more

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Mine are black widows and.... I only seen it alive one time, all the other times they were dead thank God! Millipedes! Oh yuck yuck yuck yuck!!!! ((((((((((( yin has a chill down her back! )))))))))))

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Yellow jackets are described as bee-similar creatures that are actually wasps with yellow and black stripes on the body.

They are a phobia not only for babies but also for adults.

However, if the condition on your babies is still mild, you can easily treat it at home by using some natural, inexpensive but effective ingredients.

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