Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson answered Joyce Hall's question

A lawyer's advice is almost always helpful  (The following was actually an example from a video I saw online some years ago on the topic of "what good is a lawyer.")

Concrete example---you are witness to a murder.  You are the only witness and you positively identify the shooter.  Further you are shown a picture of … Read more

PJ Stein
PJ Stein answered Joy Twain's question

While my husband is not totally bald he does shave his head. And I don't think they put hair color on a FL driver's license. (Too many people dye their hair anyway.) On his military ID they list hair color and they use the color of the eyebrows for the hair color.

PJ Stein
PJ Stein answered Anonymous' question

There are dog licenses. I have gotten them for my dogs almost everywhere I have lived. I have paid anywhere from $6-$20 dollars for them. One place if I had aa third dog, I had to have my neighbors sign off for me to have it and it would have been $100.

And the reptile … Read more

Bikergirl Anonymous
Bikergirl Anonymous answered Anonymous' question

Once you've passed the property "threshold" (property boundary line) so to speak and actually enter onto private property you are trespassing .. Legally and morally. That is an "invasion" .. Taking photos without consent, again is another invasion.

Darik Majoren
Darik Majoren answered Anonymous' question

It is always a good idea to both "Ask Permission" and "Explain Intent" in this regard . . . . For many reason besides the legal ones.

Unless this is Public property that you pay taxes on clear communication is key.

Aria Broeka
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Tresspassing is always illegal.  Even just a few feet.  Never mind that entering private property and taking pics is just rude.  Technically they could call the police.  Once you pass the property line you are committing a crime.    Maybe more than one    Tresspassing.  Violation of privacy.  Would you want strangers tramping through your … Read more