Dumb Goat
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Favorite: Christmas Eve!

Least Favorite: Columbus Day. It's not celebrated here, but the concept is kind of dumb. He wasn't even the first European to discover the Americas. He wasn't even trying to, at that. He was looking for India. Also, he did not prove the earth was not flat. Everyone already knew that for … Read more

PJ Stein
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I like any holiday that involves family getting together. Least favorite is Valentine's Day. I think it is ridiculous to have a day to remind people to tell they one they love that they love them. I would much rather get a cheap bouquet from the grocery store any other day, just because my husband … Read more

Khurram Zulfiqar
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It covers a bouquet of category which includes:

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This app is simple and free to use. … Read more

ly fen chen
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Thailand is a better place for passing the vacations there, as everything is cheap, with meal and accommodation. Further more, the change is low as well. I have been there for several times, and I bought somethings for the memory.