John Dwayne
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Though you can book online directly from airlines company but sometime offline booking or booking through a local travel agent / travel agency could fetch you good discount as they run some promotional offer. I found which is based in lakhmi nager who is currently offering the cheapest airfare for flight to Bangkok with … Read more

Claire West
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I practically did not travel alone. Usually my friends buy a tour or we go to someone's home abroad. Recently, I helped my friend plan her trip to Munich. We booked tickets online , booked a good hotel, I downloaded an audio tour to her aipad. I realized that I can … Read more

KB Baldwin
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I enjoy traveling with friends, altho traveling alone is fine.  Wife and I met some nice folks on a cruise back in (I think)  2001.  We got along so well that the four couples have been meeting up for a week or so every year since.  We've visited Canada three times, Oregon, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, … Read more

Darik Majoren
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I think that 17 is a bit old to go Trick or Treating . . . Please tell me you at least are wearing a costume so as to be truly in the holiday spirit.

Also, are there no Halloween parties you can go to with friends?