Bikergirl Anonymous
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Once you've passed the property "threshold" (property boundary line) so to speak and actually enter onto private property you are trespassing .. Legally and morally. That is an "invasion" .. Taking photos without consent, again is another invasion.

Dark Majinn
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It is always a good idea to both "Ask Permission" and "Explain Intent" in this regard . . . . For many reason besides the legal ones.

Unless this is Public property that you pay taxes on clear communication is key.

Aria Broeka
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Tresspassing is always illegal.  Even just a few feet.  Never mind that entering private property and taking pics is just rude.  Technically they could call the police.  Once you pass the property line you are committing a crime.    Maybe more than one    Tresspassing.  Violation of privacy.  Would you want strangers tramping through your … Read more

Danae Hitch
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I'm unclear as to what the issue really is. Your daughter gave someone else your own personal information to use to get a loan for $12,000?

I wouldn't pat my daughter on the back for that action if that's what happened. If she had a good heart, she wouldn't have put my own credit at risk … Read more

Arthur Wright
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A lot of the answer depends on the purpose for giving it out. For purpose of a future criminal act and you do it knowing what will happen, then yes but if with no criminal intent, no.  Now the intent or lack thereof here is almost impossible to prove in Court so many DAs stay … Read more

Bikergirl Anonymous
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No .. It is not illegal for the normal average person to 'share' someone's phone number .. However, dependant upon where you live .. If your are a business or an employer (for example)  who has attained a phone number through means that fall under the scope of privacy laws, then, it may be illegal … Read more