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It's entirely possible. The person is assumably posting the pictures they look best in so your perception of his visual image is the best possible. Then again in texting, people have time to think and analyse their answers, enabling them to appear wittier, smarter, funnier. The only thing that's missing is body language, which may … Read more

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You can form emotional attachments, of course, and even deep friendships. Just remember that people on the Internet can present themselves in any way they choose and you may be falling in love with a phantom. (Paedophiles are particularly clever at assuming a different identity.)

Here's a rule of thumb: "a man with moonlight in his … Read more

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Sadly, it is extremely difficult to successfully lose a decent amount of weight and then keep it off. I guess our bodies and diets, even (or maybe even especially) when we restrict our calories, are really designed to maintain whatever our present body weight is. But don't lose heart. You are not alone; we hear … Read more