Dances With Wolves
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I agree with you 100 % . Well on that one page people are allowed to Advertise on here believe or not it's in black and white but these spammers have links that could lead to be a virus, malware, spyware, hacker but the owner doesn't realize things than … Read more

Willie B. good
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The spammers won't go away anytime soon so, why should you? As for the person you offended the way I see it if they don't like it they don't have to keep coming back here. Those ass wipes spammers deserve every ounce of harassment you dish out to them... So keep up the good work … Read more

Toni Pauze
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Could be at any moment! One never knows until they get fed up enough.

I was really hoping Tim and his so called moderator would keep the spam down. Especially after we all compiled with his requests. But I guess he really didn't give a crap.

Perry Nuttal
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You are negatively programming yourself to not eat sugar rather than positively encouraging yourself to be healthier in your food choices,  the messages you give yourself affect your mood and your body.  Losing weight doesn't mean depriving yourself of little amounts of what you enjoy, it means maintaining a balance.  If you treat yourself in … Read more

zack leon
zack leon answered

I'm starting to lose weight but what motivates me to doing it. Is by thinking of a reason of what gives me doubt and it makes it easier of avoiding sugar and eating healthy but if I do eat sugar or something sweet I lose that motivation it feels like it's in my stomach and … Read more

Himanshu mishra
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If you want to watch the free online videos then youtube is the best source to watch but if you want to get any video in other format then you must visit here and use youtube to mp3 converter to convert your youtube video in mp3 and mp4 format in just … Read more