Jeremy Fink
Jeremy Fink answered Maurice Korvo's question

Most of them are by the same person and/or the same company. I want to know why we were asked to nominate people for mods and nothing further has been done. Clicking the “report spam” button does nothing. James The Nomad, our “mod” is rarely on here. He or she doesn’t update the topic page … Read more

Joy Twain
Joy Twain answered Maurice Korvo's question

The paying advertisers must be getting pissed.  You'd think THAT would get Blurtit's attention.  Actions show true values.  When the paying advertisers start to jump ship, perhaps the moderation will begin. 

Another aspect of no moderation is how rarely Topics gets updated.  If a visitor posts a question, it often isn't visible for us to … Read more

Mountain  Man
Mountain Man answered Maurice Korvo's question

They are at least all the same company Everything goes to the same website . It's getting old. Something else that bothers me is, why did we change our names when there are new non real names joining?

Joy Twain
Joy Twain answered

I'm a regular member here on Blurtit.  I don't have an account on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.  These are optional ways to sign in.  I just use my email.  

( I believe you can share interesting things you see here on your Facebook page.  Hopefully, someone can come along and confirm that.)