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Be careful they can be viscous and oftentimes carry Rabies. I think pepper spray would make him/her go away.

If you keep feeding him, he/she will never go away.

Worse is when you get a family of them living in your attic. They do a lot of damage and their urine really reeks. By then you will … Read more

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Yang came home from work telling me about this demonic crazy raccoon that kept coming after him while he was transferring his truck. It was not scared of him so he tossed one of my sandwiches at it... And it ate it then came back for seconds! Today he had the same run so I … Read more

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Thy lived in North America and Europe during the Miocene and Pliocene Epoch (23 million to 2.6 million years ago). They spread to Asia and Africa after Pliocene Epoch. Some Saber Tooth Tigers moved to South America during the Pleistocene Epoch. They lived in areas where plant-eating animals lived. These areas include pine forests, shrubby … Read more

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As compared to modern day predators, the size of Saber Tooth Tiger was similar to the modern African Lions. However, it was much stronger and had limbs that were shorter. Their weight was from 55 kg to 400 kg. They around 5.7 feet long and had 100 cm shoulder height. It had Elongated Canines, Wide … Read more

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Two unicorns---male and female, and modified if necessary so that they have no natural predators (including warped humans).

(I would have to make numerous other conditions extant to provide for their presence.  It now occurs to me at the moment that being God is much more difficult that just having ultimate powers---there are so many ancillary … Read more