Reggie Berube
Reggie Berube answered Erica's question

Anything that says it is made from “sheepskin” is made from sheepskin. Many people think they are slaughtered just for the sake of slaughtering them to make beautiful things, but it is an ancient practice to slaughter an animal for food and use the skins and furs for other uses. People even use sheepskin for … Read more

Claire West
Claire West answered John Kaminski's question

I like poodles. The usual poodle is fluffy and of medium size. They are nice and kind dogs. I had a poodle before. I think it's quite difficult to take care of fluffy animals. I stridded my dog and myself took care of his fur. Read articles, for example , … Read more

Call me Z
Call me Z answered Joyce Hall's question

I think “monster” is a relative term. People have often applied this label to things they feared out of ignorance. Lowland Gorillas were once portrayed this way. We know better now.

I certainly do accept that there are the human variety of monsters (Stalin, Jeffrey Dahmer, Vlad the Impaler), but until a specimen of … Read more