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Actually pulled over? Uh, 1 mo. Before our 3rd daughter was born in 1981 with the 2 oldest girls in the back seat. I couldn't believe I was speeding, but oh well, I didn't protest. Yet, one of us had a guardian angel present because I got off for slightly speeding.  Or maybe it was … Read more

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Essentially there are three types of soil. The finest of these for growing vegetables is loam. This is because loam is rich in humus, an organic matter from living things that have died, decayed and returned to the soil. Loam is dark, soft and crumbly. While it holds water, it also allows for drainage and … Read more
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Yes, I like carrots very much because they are extremely good for our health, especially skin and eyes condition. Carrots can do even better in decreasing cholesterol, fighting against heart attacks, preventing certain cancers. Also, it promotes the immune system, boost the digestion.

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Thank you for reminding me to eat a carrot. Kind of forgotten about them and I could use a boost right now to my immune system since my flushot a month ago. Been sick since!!
I read somewhere that carrots are actually better for you when (at least slightly )  cooked than raw, so … Read more

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Ah, if you lived back then who wasn't moved by  the protest songs of the late folk music era in the '60s.  I had  2 older brothers  who went off to Viet Nam then -    and frustrated by this, myself, torn between two  ideologies  as an aspiring amateur folksinger, what could I do but … Read more

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Hooray-hurrah:  The frisbee blew down all by itself some nights ago during strong gales from the northeast!

The most important lessons my grandsons nextdoor may learn from this are

1. Don't play frisbee near that tall barn. 2. Always wait & don't crawl out on the condemned roof because sooner or later a strong gale will carry … Read more

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Day without art Day? Okay. So I just made up this knock knock joke before I got out of bed yesterday, as my thoughts turned heavenward . .

"Did you know that there is Art in Heaven? Sure:

Knock knock

Who's there?

Our Father

Our Father who?

Art in Heaven!!"  by Lin Enchelmayer Schmidt