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I buy a lot of second hand clothes from thrift stores. They have some nice things which sometimes still have their orginal tags. When I'm complemented on my outfits, I always mention which thirft store and how little I payed.

Funny how adulthood and its commitments to mortgage and bills changes a point of view.

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Ancient Hippy
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I agree and applaud the mother on the way she handled it. Something like this should happen more often. Some people just have to be knocked down a peg or two.

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Good for the mom, maybe next time the little princess will think twice about bullying somebody just because of what they're wearing.

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A good beautician is a wonderful thing. Unfortunately finding one can be difficult. I haven't found one since I moved back home. (My aunt did it growing up, but she suffers from fibromyalgia and had to stop, and sell her shop.) Maybe I will just have a chocolate pudding to make myself feel better.

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The better way of losing way is : Eating less and eat only the vegetables and fruits with a little of chicken as other meats like pork and beef are easy to take weight.

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The very last one I went to Elton John!

His show was great! Tickets to this show was given to me for Christmas. I couldn't wait, then I fell and broke my arm, had surgery and I wasn't feeling so well so didn't get the real experience I was hoping for.

ly fen chen
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eating more than usual when you are hungry, and trying to eat the meat as which is a kind of vitamin be able to make you gain weight, and eating several time a day then i think you will gain way in one month.