Gator Blu
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I fly once or twice a year. I rarely enjoy the flight. If I am flying for more than two hours the headache a get usually takes  good 6 hours to go away. People are usually tired of how the airlines treat them and many are leery of sitting in such a close proximity to … Read more

Gator Blu
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I'll take the peaches minus the cream. And the summer temps started well over a month ago. Perfect weather for beachcombing for seashells. A sea breeze is much needed today.

Ancient One
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Many moons ago as part of my job I had to fly to many, many different countries and stay a week to sixty days. Staying in these countries I flew extensively on local airlines. My experiences during those 15 years ranged from the subline to a near death experience. Over all I believe flying today … Read more

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I like to read about all kinds of news. So I go to several sources on the Internet to keep abreast of what's happening. I also get the local newspaper as I love to read it from cover to cover. I don't get caught up in world news or any political news, mostly because I … Read more

Tom  Jackson
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I love peaches; but if cream is involved, my first choice is bananas.  On the other hand, if ice cream is involved, peaches goes to #1.

I like the more unusual (rare) sea shells.

Summer get's a little hot in Texas---generally speaking, Fall is my preferred time down here.

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Zach, as you can probably tell, no one on this site has any knowledge of this game. You might do a Google or Bing search for "Yugioh Card help" - I found several links that could help you out.

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Moderately long preface before my answer---for a good reason.

I can read very quickly.  (My sister-in-law once saw me open a card from her sister, my wife, close it immediately and laugh.  She said that I could not possibly have read what the card said and what my wife had written and respond. My wife simply … Read more

Danae Hitch
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I have flown many times since 9/11. I've gone through Chicago O'Hare, Dallas, Columbus, OH airports with little to no issues. My sister had to cancel a United flight last fall; she's had almost no issues exchanging the ticket for another date.

The problem is, I believe, that most people come to the airport completely oblivious … Read more

Danae Hitch
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  1. Stop talking to yourself while you read.
  2. Cover words you've already read.
  3. Understand eye movements. While reading, your eyes move jerkily, stopping on some words and skipping others. You can only read while your eyes are stopped. If you learn to make fewer movements per line, you'll read a lot faster.
  4. Train your eyes to make fewer movements.
  5. Set … Read more
Tiger  Two
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It's been many years since I was on a plane. From reading the news and listening to my kids/granddaughter I don't want to ever fly again.  Hardly a day goes by that you don't hear about a major disturbance on an airline. The prices are excessive and service seems to be non existent.

Tiger  Two
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Peaches are in season now!! Let's go pick some!

Hot and humid!!! In mid 90's. Bur it's been upper 80's/90's for over a month already.  AC has been on since April.

echooos echooos
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Peaches and cream sounds yummy, it's just starting to feel like summer here hasn't been too hot, I live a block away from the beach so maybe I'll go pick up some seashells today. 😛😛😛