Dumb Goat
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I think that the healthy middle point for the stance of obese people is to not judge their character by it, but recognize that it is a health hazard.  "Fat-shaming" is bad, but being pro-fat is promoting something that isn't healthy. Being fat does not make them ugly, stupid, or a bad person. In fact, … Read more

dragonfly forty-six
dragonfly forty-six answered Otis Campbell's question

My little bro is my best friend. I am a very lucky person to have him by my side to navigate this life with. He has been both kind and patient. Both are needed when dealing with the likes of me.

Michael Poland
Michael Poland answered N. Harmonik's question

Human's almost always have to feel somehow

greater then any thing else. That's probably why

most of them didn't believe in life else where.

When the truth is staring each one of you in the

face. You have so many different lives here,

not all human. Stop the mellow drama for just a second and turn around and … Read more

Dumb Goat
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When I was 12 I worked at this restaurant thing. I was first assigned to drying dishes and putting them away (as it was someone else's job to wash itself like an assembly line.) I wanted to wait tables, though, but quickly found out I did not like it as I had to touch food … Read more

Walt O'Reagun
Walt O'Reagun answered Anonymous' question

It brings up an interesting philosophical question I sometimes ponder:  Who does your name belong to?

If my name belongs to me, I can change it anytime I want - without asking any body's permission.

If "my" name doesn't belong to me, I have to ask permission to change it.