Darik Majoren
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It's easier to start with the Concept of the story first . . What era is it? Is it now, Post apocalyptic . . . Anything that would contribute to how a person might look or act . . .

You've basically just said "Describe a girl" . . .

Darik Majoren
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But you are employed, just not full time . . . So, did you lose any health benefits because of this?

I would say you need to start looking for full time employ . . . The unemployment rate is the lowest it's been for 8 years now, so strike while the iron is hot.

Darik Majoren
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I would diagnose Mr. Trump as a Misogynistic Narcissist with Sociopathic and Racists tendencies.

He treats women as objects, tends to discriminates against race, and feels the world SHOULD revolve around him while not showing any real empathy for those around him.

Otis Campbell
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Every state has different laws and rules on employment. I have never heard of underemployment here in texas

Firstname Refreshme lastname
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Play on her thick and expressive eyebrows.  That might be a good starting point.

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I'll be your cheerleader Walter!!!!

You can do it yes you can

If any one can do it Walter can!

Go Walter go Walter it's your birthday go Walter!

Rah rah sish bombah

Walter can do it Y'all!

Here is a poem for you Walter......

Spam slayer spam slayer

Should've never been a player

But the damage has been done

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Joy Twain
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I think your description is great!  Since this is your story, your vision is best.  You can fill in visual gaps by describing hair length, posture and body language, quirks or habits, clothing choices, and facial expressions.  Just enjoy a good daydream about her as you mull over ideas.  :)

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reyna liv
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because it didn't let me add this on in the question:

i was imagining her to be around 5'2, with brown/curly hair. And chocolate brown eyes. Tan skin tone. She looks a lot like AndreasChoice in my mind.

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If your calls all go to Voicemail or you get a special recording message or a business signal or just a constant ringing can say that you've been blocked. Sometimes when call a number and get a strange voice message where it says all circuits are busy that can also say you've been blocked too. … Read more